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Save a coffee for Psychedelik.comLet’s update our donation campaign “Save a coffee for“.

Since our call to action, we’ve received the support of 8 donors from around the world.

I’m also a heavy coffee lover 🙂

Being one of the volunteers of Psychedelik crew means that I’m also one of the listeners.

I have decided to make a donation equal to the biggest donation that we will receive in March 2015.

Recently, I have updated our pages on and The stream’s links were linking to the old server (for those who are regular listeners, you might remember the problems we had last summer 2014). We had many talks with some of you concerning these websites which list webradios. Their teams work great, they have more developers than we do, and I had to admit that it’s more convenient for some of you to use their APPs to listen to

I’m learning more coding languages now to develop our own APP. It’s not easy because I also have a job beside, like everybody in our crew. And time passes by very fast.

In the meantime, you have a functionnal website that was opened last october 2014 and you have the right to choose which players or applications you want to use.

It’s true that we loose a lot of visitors on the website and it matters for Google banners. But if we could get rid of advertising on, it could be nice. You tune to for the music anyway. It may change if I can achieve what I’ve started to code.

That means that those of you who listen oftenly to the station are a part of project.

I love trees. I like to compare what we create all together to a tree. When it grows, we need to take care. We take care of the streaming servers which are the roots. We take care of the music which is the flow, the sap of the radio. We need oxygen and sun, and that’s where you may find yourself if you’re a frequent listener. Your comments, your emails and the way you share the station with your friends are like sunshines and your donations are the oxygen that keeps up and running for more than 14 years now with the same motto “Free for all” and “No commercials on air”.

That’s all for now. Thanks to the 10 first donors.

If you want to support, press donate.

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I’m Bertrand, proud volunteer of

Find me on (my job makes me travel a lot worldwide and it’s always nice to meet people who share the same Psychedelik spirit).

PS : For Apple lovers and iTunes users, I’ve sent an email to their crew to renew our reference on this great audio player. I’ll tell you more soon.