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Hi everyone, streams #psytrance since 2001.

Psytrance music is not mainstream, that is to say you can’t turn on the radio or your TV and listen to the music you love.

Back in 2001, when I started my journey into the Psytrance scene, I had the dream of promoting the music that I was really fan of.

One of my friend, Benoit aka Skytrancer, was a music collector, like me. He introduced me to SHOUTcast streaming technology. It was quite simple to set up but the problem was bandwith. Back in 2001, it was really expensive, but I really didn’t care about the costs. Promoting psytrance was my motto. Whatever the costs were.

And that was it. was born.

More than a decade after, the crew has changed but the dream is still alive.

Free music for all and no commercials on air.

A few years ago, when was growing, we had to sign a contract with SACEM, a french society of authors.

It was necessary to keep up.

Once in a while, we need your support, we beg you to save a coffee for your everyday station.

In March 2015, we need to raise some funds to deal with the licence because we want to focus on the next steps.

We have 30 days to keep the dream alive.

Thanks to the 7 first donors.