Save a Komodo coffee for

save_a_coffee_for_psychedelik_2Thanks to the 19 donors who helped on the first week.

In March 2015, we call for your support to keep the station up.

We’re getting closer to the goal day after day.

At the end of the month, I will add my own donation which will equal to the biggest donation received.

On April 1st, I hope that we could pay Sacem and renew our streaming licence.

The Sword of Damocles will not hang over our head for the end of our season, and the crew will focus on the upcoming projects.

What are these projects?

First, we will add the streams to the websites and applications that you use.

You wanted us to be listed on, we’ve renewed all the streams there.

You wanted us to be listed on iTunes, we’ve started to work with the Apple iTunes Radio team. Feuch, our graphist, is doing a new cover art to match with the high quality requested by Apple.

Pascale, Psylvain and Fabien are ready to prepare more #streaming sessions with the best psytrance labels. is also opened to DJs for promotion. There is an easy way to submit mixes.

Then, we will make our own application.

We’ve teamed up with Darken to work on it. Darken is a developer. He will help me on his spare time.

We will also renew the website.

Last update was made in october 2014. I’ve learned more code and also I’ve exchanged point of views about your experience, good and bad, on the new website.

It gave me guidelines so please send your feelings. You always share very good ideas. Who could give better directions than the listeners of the station?

You don’t know but that’s how it works in the crew. We spend a lot of time on crossroads 🙂 We talk about a subject, something new, a new direction, a project. And even if I was certain of the path to follow, I listen and turn around. Ask Pascale and Feuch!! 🙂 It happens a lot…

So, if you stop by and read the blog, you probably want to share more with us. The doors are open.

What to do with the shop?

It was built to help the station. I thought that maybe you would have prefered to help by buying a teeshirt. But it’s definitely a business. The way we’ve done it is costly. Small series, printed in France, shipping costs, etc…

We will talk about it with the sponsors of

Of course, you saved a coffee and sometimes more than one, you deserve to share our future a bit more.

Thus, next month, you will access to more “private” blog-posts where you will be invited to learn about what’s coming next and to test the new features. If we’re going to a wrong direction, it could be nice to know from those who are really involved.

The goals are to stream the best music from the scene, I thank the labels that promote their releases, to stay independent, we don’t want to stream playlists selected by others, and to stay opened, that’s why we need to have the streaming licence.

We have 30 days to make it

If you’re one of the 19, thank you.

If you want to save a coffee for your station click below!