Black Noise – Implosion

Black Noise - ImplosionImplosion, Black Noise’s debut EP for GoaProductions has arrived!

Deep, dark and dirty Psy for your listening pleasure.

The title track “Implosion” is a rip-roaring adventure through time and sound. Spine tingling leads and fx rest on top of a relentless bass.

Non Human” is next with a deep atmospheric Psyscape of creature inspired sounds that slowly builds into a slamming 303 groove.

Last but not least “Sonar Vision” steps up the pace. Sliced up FX bounce off each other creating a funky up-tempo vibe that goes off with some epic leads.

Black Noise is already part of a new generation of artists to watch out for and these tracks show why. Three tracks full of great grooves, riffs, licks and FX!