Streaming licence 2015 is paid

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Thanks to the donors 🙂

Today, we have finally paid the streaming licence for the year 2015.

We Are Psychedelik

We care about our artists and producers.

In june 2016, we will celebrate our 15years anniversary.

It’s a long journey we have spent together, promoting psytrance and chillout, the labels and artists who produce extraordinary music, the organizers who give their energy to create incredible parties all around the world, the DJs who share their best mixes with the psytrancers everywhere.

We Are a Community of Psytrancers.

Everyday, you can visit and tune to the best selection of Yuman, Select and Psylvain.

We have kept our motto since 2001 : “No commercial breaks on the streams”

In a global world where everything has a price, together, we have kept our utopia alive and I’m proud to be a volunteer of

Thanks for your support.

We have started to gather the money for the streaming licence 2016 (here are the ones who have helped so far).

We count on you to Keep Alive.