Mechanimal – 2017 Promo


Mechanimal 2017 Promo Track List

Mechanimal -Twilight Calling

Mechanimal vs Lucas – Incredible

Mechanimal vs Lucas – Mind Blower

Mechanimal vs James West – Get Messy

Mechanimal vs Lucas – Get In Touch

Mechanimal vs Lucas – The Impossible

Mechanimal – Free Flow

Mechanimal – Unity

Mechanimal vs SpectraSonics – Cosmic

Mechanimal – Oceans Of Joy

Mechanimal vs Pan – District Lines


Mechanimal is a Psy-Trance live act by music producer, mixing and mastering engineer Nick Sagar-House.

With over 50 releases including a chart topping album “Inertia” he has become a veteran in the scene with support from some of the best artists and labels including Nano records, Mutagen Records and 24/7 records.

With a sound that keeps on growing and performances at some of the most exciting events around the globe, such as O.z.o.r.a., Universo Parallelo and Summer Never Ends, he has an exciting future ahead.