Run for 1

In 2017, I’ve decided to run for

I’m a runner and I listen to the streams, mostly the Progressive By Psylvain, when I go jogging.

If you read this post, you’re more than a listener, you’re probably ready to join the crew as a donor.

Since 2001, we keep Psychedelik free for all, streaming music 24/7… and as a community, we count on each other to keep the webradio station alive, that is to say, legal.

When we closed the shop a couple of years ago, we had a difficult time to gather the money for our cause.

Last year, Select (one of the crew members) gave a boost beside the donations that we received from our community. It helped a lot because we were able to save some donations for our streaming licence 2017 (which is due in january).

You know that, none of the crew members takes any benefit from the donations. 100% goes to

Anyway, in 2017, when you will donate, I will run 1k for 1 euro.

I travel all around the world for my job so I will share my runs.

The 1st run is for Hans from Switzerland.