Pilot – Creation of time

Pilot - Creation of time

Mindspring Music Presents: Pilot – Creation of Time

Pilot’s latest release, “Creation of Time,” resonates an intense, uptempo psytrance that engulfs the listener within a powerful, electronic soundscape.

The interesting beat patterns of this psychedelic production invite listeners into a powerful, dramatic production.

Spanning across three high-energy tracks, this full-on inspired extravaganza takes us on a timeless journey to the center of the universe, a nostalgic, psychedelic singularity of creamy synth patterns and uplifting instrumentations.

Its balanced, auditory realm is perfect for any dance floor, inviting listeners onto a progressive inspiring journey.

It’s time for an adventure into another dimension, but are you ready for the voyage?


1. Pilot – Singularity

2. Pilot – Resonate

3. Pilot – Past & Present


Release Date: 2017-05-26
Catalog #: MSM027
Primary Genre: Electronic
Secondary Genre: Psy-Trance
Record Label: Mindspring Music