Natural Life Essence – Ant Tales

Natural Life Essence - Ant Tales

Mindspring Music Presents: Natural Life Essence – Ant Tales

From the warm lands of Argentina, a vibrating energy captivates us from afar.

The meditative and organic soundscapes of “Natural Life Essence” flows colorfully throughout his ambient crafting, “Ant Tales“.

Each track is strikingly beautiful, expressing the soul-like vibrancy of complex nature through minimal drone and melancholy melodies.

Progressing into slow, psydub grooves, the seven chapters piece together a gentle story of profound emotion and distant, auditory realms.

Prepare to surround yourself with a caressing , auditory forest of dreamy pads, echoing intricacies, and heartwarming synths.


1-Sailing On A Leaf (Tranquil River) [Part One

2-Under The Mushroom (Watching Rain)

3-Ants Gathering

4-Winter Is Coming (Survival Tale)

5-Petal Juice (Transformation ) [Part One]

6-Sailing On A Leaf (Singer River)

7- Ant Hill (Coronation Ritual)

Great artwork.

This album is a gathering of meditative tracks that will relax your body and your soul. It is not as psychedelik as the music we usually stream on our #AmbientByYuman, but I’m quite sure that you will follow the ants in their journey to expand your consciousness within the tribe of chill-out psytrancers.

It’s really great to follow the vibes of Rob and Stephen at Mindspring Music. They start to have a musical collection quite eclectic.

Keep up the good work and thank you for your confidence with the music promos.