Caring for your streaming? is looking for volunteers

They fueled the streaming!

If you’re new to, you may want to know how it works 🙂

Since 2001, our community of psytrancers share the same motto “free for all without commercials on the streams”.

Huh? How can it be possible?

First, the labels and artists help us a lot to share their vibes on the radio.

and Last, our community makes donation to support the costs such as the streaming licence, servers, etc…

and Always, our team of volunteers give its time to keep the project alive.


Thank you!

Jesse from Heerlen in the Netherlands.

Aliens contact from Vienne in France.

Dirk from Kirchheim in Germany.

Guys, you’ve fueled us for July and we thank you very much.

You want to become a sponsor?

Please visit the donation page. 😉


logo psychedelik

Help needed, volunteers are welcome.

This summer, the team of volunteers will keep an eye on the streams.

You can drive to your festivals and listen to on you favourite app.

We will be easy to reach on our Facebook, Twitter and emails.

Psylvain will take care of the servers. Looks like you won’t meet him at festival this summer.

I will have a vacation break, but in the meantime, I will continue to refresh my knowledge on coding for the update.

If you have skills on coding that you want to share with our community, such as CSS3 and web design, you can contact me.

The update looks like a Huuuuuge I.T Project, and it’s just impossible to achieve it by myself… or it will take too much time.

Anyway, you know how it is.

Alone, we go faster… together, we go further.

So, why don’t you join us today? 😉