Solar Seed – Winter Session 2017

Solar Seed

“Born in 1983, but it was not until 2003 when by chance I met the psychedelic trance. We were lost in a town north of Amsterdam, when suddenly we heard the bom, bom, bom .

The sound proceeded from something that seemed to be a church, parked the old company car, a few hours earlier he had taken without permission from our boss. At the door, a nice young man invited us to come inside.

6 years later, I began to learn via you tube, psytrance production tutorials, as that sound, broke into my soul crumbling the foundations of knowledge, in short, a before and an after.

From here, to thank all those who one day decided to share their knowledge to the world.

Hope you like my work.”

Miguel aka Solar Seed

Solar Seed plays guitarHis winter session 2017 is on Lives&Mixes channel.

When Miguel has contacted, I first discovered his works on his SoundCloud.

The track “Good Morning” was a good reason to follow him back, but you’ll also like “Chemical Disorder” or “Inverse”.

Since the beginning of, we’ve tried to promote psytrance producers, and we’re really proud to add Solar Seed’s Winter Session 2017 in our playlist.

It’s fresh, it’s powerfull-on.

His discography

2013 Solar Seed Ep P.L.U.R.

2014 Winner Na Zdrowie RMX Contest (Speedsound rec) V.A. Mysterious injection V.A. Warrios (P.L.U.R.)

2015 Solar Seed “The flower of life” Album (P.L.U.R.)

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