Stimulus Timbre – A place we never been

Stimulus Timbre - A place we never been

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Stimulus Timbre enables new ambient adventures with this new sonic album adventure.

A sound art who delivers messages of peace & harmony in a cinematic way created from the talented fingers and mind of this Maltese producer.

Blissfully melodies, smooth layers and velvet basslines creating a harmonic enviroment for your deepest chillout session. A stress reliefer. enjoy!

Cover by Digital Nature


1 -A Place we Never Been

2 – Himalayas

3 – Everything in Between

4 – Look at the Stars & Think of Us

5 – Magical Creatures

6 – Connecting Lifeforms (with Lauge)

7 – Natural Flow

8 – Ripple Effect

9 – Ultra feat Francesca

10 – We reached for the Sky

Favorite tracks

A place we never been, Himalayas (tunes like Mr. Robot soundtrack), Magical Creatures