Wrank – Fairy Boogie

WRANK “Fairy Boogie” on NThe cover of Wrank's new EP Fairy BoogieBM Records Official

Release Date : 31 August 2017

EP TITLE : Fairy Boogie 1 – Fairy Boogie – Original Mix 2 – Heavy Boogie – Original Mix

Wrank is the French young artist called Jesse Vankerrebrouck, already known from his previous releases in infinity Records.

Wrank’s unique style of samples, movement and synthetic melodies has already attracted the minds of listeners. T

his fresh studio work is cutting new boundaries in cyber trance, exploring other dimensions of mechanical Fx and psychedelic landscapes.

Behind his Wranker’s name, definitely a hard worker of production, who pushes to improve his knowledge all the time.

He has now signed his 4th EP on NBM records.

With this EP, Wrank ventures on a stylistic composition of tracks close to electro, and even techno.

In his style of work he brings on the rhythmic, and the groove is not only brought on by a KICK BASS, but made in a form of texture.

The contradiction is given by the title and the listening.

The title carries the belief that the piece is printed in something soft and magic, however these two tracks are also a hammer on the dancefloor.

Everything takes place on this lead, an image of fairies will give way to a Groove’s Armada.