RELEASE : Lucid Structure

Recently, we were contacted by Colin for the submission of “We Were Never Here“.

The album deserves a credit if you like orchestral music and soundtrack themes.


Lucid Structure is an American composer of ambient, electronic, and orchestral music.

His style is a blend of electronic and organic instruments, and his music varies widely from very dark and moody to blissful and etherial. He has also produced albums for many independent artists, most recently producing and playing guitar and keyboards on two albums by the progressive rock group Initial Mass.

As a child, he was exposed to mostly classical music by his father, who was an esteemed singer and vocal teacher/conductor. Lucid Structure grew up with and was heavily influenced by ambient musicians Brian Eno, Harold Budd, and Vangelis, just to name a few. Although a multi instrumentalist, his main instrument has been guitar since the age of 13, and was also influenced by progressive rock artists.

The culmination of these styles has resulted in a musical space of his own and allows his music a wide birth for variety on his works.

Cover of the album "We were never here"

Want your copy?


You will find nice videos and pictures on Lucid Structure’s website.