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Postpone the release date When I started to work on the update, I didn’t know how “huge” was the project. I wanted to release on June 21st, but even if I’ve made several steps, I’m still working on my own, beside real job & family, and that means… I have […]

Summer update 4

Source code 2
How is it going? The audio works well on the latest Firefox (tested on Windows 10), Safari (tested on iPad), Chrome-Android (tested on Galaxy Tab), Chrome (tested on Windows 10). On Internet Explorer 11, you won’t have all the audio features. I’m a big fan of Microsoft for what they […]

Summer update 3

Pilot - Creation of time 2
Mindspring Music Presents: Pilot – Creation of Time Pilot’s latest release, “Creation of Time,” resonates an intense, uptempo psytrance that engulfs the listener within a powerful, electronic soundscape. The interesting beat patterns of this psychedelic production invite listeners into a powerful, dramatic production. Spanning across three high-energy tracks, this full-on […]

Pilot – Creation of time

Grab Your Tee 2
Nobody grabbed the 1st tees, here is the link because they’re still available! Congrats to Sebastien from France. He’ll receive his tee in a couple of days. Today, you can get this XL size teeshirt. Grab your tee Just post a comment.

Grab your tee