If you stream everyday, you might want to keep it up.

Providing a free streaming service without any commercials on air is a tough task.

We need donations to pay for our streaming licence.

Here is the list of the donors who support our costs.

Jan. 1st : Juergen Klausnitzer (Germany)

Jan. 8th : Chris Close (Australia)

Feb. 8th : Walter Lentz

Feb. 28th : Filip Nilsson

Mar. 2nd : Dan G. (USA) – Wang L. (China) – David G. (Israel) – Fabien Brentegani (France) – Martilias F. – Yekaterina K. – Javier A Alvarez (Mexico).

Mar. 3rd : Scott S. (USA)

Mar. 5th : Emre G.

Mar. 6th : Tullio D. – Filip M. – Antonio Di R. – MC Merchants – Allen McG.

Mar. 7th : John D. – Andrew M.

Mar. 8th : Michael R.

Mar 9th : Olivier L. (France) – Vincent De R.

Mar. 11th : Lorant C.

Mar. 12th : Forrest O.

Mar. 17th : Xavier G. (France) – Christian G. – Vojtěch S.

Thanks to them.

Keeping up, it’s not only a question of words, it’s also a question of contribution 🙂

If every listener could give 1 or 2 euros a month, we could do much better!

In March 2015, we call for donations to contribute to the streaming licence.

Press PLAY, press DONATE.