How to submit your mix?

The submission email psytrance-submission@psychedelik.com will be deleted on March 9th.

Here is the best way to submit your mix.

Since the launch of WeTransfer.com, I’m a total fan. It’s easy, free and convenient to send files up to 2 Gb.

Here are the new submission guidelines, thanks for following them.

1 – I record a cool mix in WAV or FLAC. It should be 1 hour or more.

2 – I write the tracklist because it’s cool to know who produced the tracks. NN tracks are okay 🙂

3 – I use WeTransfer to send it at mail@psychedelik.com. Please leave your email.

4 – I send a picture of me, or a nice design, or a cool logo that represents me.

You’ll get a mail within 2 days, just to tell you that we’ve got your mix.

If you need help, you can use the comments above.

Now, it’s your turn to be in the Live & Mixes playlist of Psychedelik.com.