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As a partyman and often labelled as “The DJ’s DJ”, Dean-O-Matic is a true music connoisseur, well versed in the turntable arts, providing big-room sound, flavoured by a progressive-tech motif.
From the late 80’s to the 21st Century, Dean-O-Matic is a 20-year veteran behind the decks, with 25+ years in electronic music – an Old-school DJ with old-school values.
His background, exposures, travels, and his unbelieveable thirst for music is combined to produce powerful, memorable, and unique performances that must be experienced by all dancers and lovers of electronic music.
Never having an inclination to DJ, Dean-O-Matic got his first taste of performing at the legendary Plastic Puppet Motive party “The Temple” by filing in for a no-show DJ.
That one performance was all that was needed to summon the passion from deep within to perform.
From being the former “Flatlands” creator and columnist for Tribe Magazine for western Canada, DJing basements to festivals (and everything mischevious in between), to creating some of the finest technically-fascinating programmed mix sessions on a regular basis on CD and digital format, he pursues his passion and vision for showcasing extraordinary music, while being guided by his perfectionist’s standards.
The Dean-O-Matic sound embraces the mature styles of electronic music, fusing sets anywhere from two to five hours long, and encompassing many different genres that animate not only the feet to move, but to move the mind and soul.
Some majors influences include DJ DEKO-ZE (Canada’s hardest working DJ!), DANNY HOWELLS, DJ MISJAH, and DEEP DISH (to name but a few). Their dedication to the music and to the art of ‘mix’ can be heard in every Dean-O-Matic mix, paying homage to these visionaries.Living the anonymous studio life, Dean-O-Matic spends all of his conscious life exploring the world for the newest, unreleased, and futuristic music, a testament to showcasing not the DJ himself, but of the finest music the world has to offer.
In an electronic music scene that is increasingly influenced by abrasive sounds and the mediocre, the Dean-O-Matic sound is a journey which focuses on the ‘mix’, an artform that is getting lost in the translation by laptop DJs, and only a remaining few that can give back to a receptive dancefloor.
Finally, hitting the airwaves will be a monthly webradio show entitled “Psylon Psynapse”, exclusive to listeners.
Quite simply, Dean-O-Matic seeks out the music, studies it, lives it, and embodies it.
“2012 marks 25 years in electronic music. I am truly excited for the next 25 years.”

* God is a DJ *

* Life is a Dancefloor *

* Love is the Rhythm *

* You Are the Music *

– S P R E A D . T H E . D E A N – O – M A T I C . V I B E – . . . YOU ARE WHAT YOU LISTEN TO . . .

How to listen?

The show is hosted on Live & Mixes channel.

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