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29-03-2019 : Adam.

“Buying you a couple of beers now. You are rad.”

20-03-2019 : Tristan de France

“Ma petite contribution pour vous remercier de m’accompagner pendant mes journées de travail devant mon écran ! Continuez :)”

05-03-2019 : Rob from the Netherlands.

24-02-2019 : Caroline from the Netherlands.

“I’ve discovered so many amazing artists and tracks through the Ambient channel, thank you so much for existing! <3"

24-02-2019 : Capital City Home Theater from the US.

10-02-2019 : Janne from Finland.

“Thank you for keeping the stream flowing. Ambient by Yuman has been an important source of music for numerous creative moments.”

10-02-2019 : Jesse from the Netherlands.

09-02-2019 : Ingrid from the Netherlands.

06-02-2019 : Ram from Chennai (India)

06-02-2019 : Ronan from France.

01-02-2019 : John

Love love love you guys. Thank you Yuman! Ambient is my fav!”

28-01-2019 : Lucian from Sighișoara (Romania)

“Thank you, Yuman”

28-01-2019 : Ben from San Francisco (USA)

27-01-2019 : Sven from Germany

26-01-2019 : Romain de France

21-01-2019 : James from the USA

20-01-2019 : Dirk from Germany

19-01-2019 : Stephen from Brighton (UK)

“I love your stations. Keep up the amazing work!!! Big love for 2019. Ste xxxx.”

19-01-2019 : James from the UK.

18-01-2019 : John from Auburn (USA)

09-01-2019 : Roel from Amsterdam (NL)