Thanks for 2015

The crew of thanks the donors who helped us in 2015.

You were 54 donors in 2015. You know why you donate and you are a great help for our community of listeners.

Who are we? is maintained by a crew of 7 volunteers.

Psylvain takes care of the streaming servers with the help of Will, and he manages the Progressive channel.

Feuch is the graphist and he needs help in 2015!

Yuman is still taking care of the Ambient channel, Select does the same with the Drum N Bass channel.

Fabien joined the crew as community manager. He comes from the French Touch techno side of EDM. He’s doing well on the social networks.

Bertrand manages the web and the station in general. Do I need help? ๐Ÿ˜€


The anonymous of 2015

We don’t know who you are ๐Ÿ™‚

But you have visited

the website

the blog

We thank you too for being there and for sharing with your friends.

.:. Love .:.

What happened in 2015?

To be written… soon ๐Ÿ™‚

Our dreams for 2016?

A new update for the website and it’s scheduled for Spring 2016.

An App for your mobile. It’s scheduled for Autumn 2016.

Wow! That’s too long. Well, for sure, it is long.

What can you do to help?

You stream because you love the music… and probably because it’s free and ABOVE ALL commercial free!

A few years ago, we’ve decided to get an official streaming licence. It is a cost for an independent webradio.

The music is streamed on a dedicated server and the website is hosted on a hosting server. These are also a cost.

You can support by donation.

You can support by donation

What will we do with your money?

Pay our costs.

Keep the spirit.

Stay connected!

Donor’s list of 2015

December 24th : Miranda G. from the USA

December 17th : Oleksandr K.

December 16th : David G. “Thank you very very much for the best music!! :)”

November 22nd : Gilles from France.

November 20th : Daniel B. from the USA. “Thanks for all the great tunes!”

November 9th : Martin from Germany.

November 7th : Romain from France. “Merci d’รชtre lร . la nouvelle Play List est vraiment bien bien. La progressive c’est le top”.

November 6th : Tracey from the UK

November 6th : Vincent from Switzerland

November 6th : Steve from the USA

November 5th : Jasdev from the USA

November 4th : Owen from the USA

November 3rd : Florent T from France

October 30th : Simon D O. from the UK.

October 29th : Stephen B. from the UK. “Thanks for all the lovely chilled vibes. x”

October 29th : Mark B. from the UK. “Keep up the great service. No ads make all the difference. Many hours spent listening to your service”

March 18th : Porter Digital Services “Thank you!”

March 19th : Stanislav C. (Germany)

March 27th : Xavier G. (France)

March 29th : Christopher S. “Please keep the awesome music coming! Your Internet radio station is the best!”

March 29th : Mikhail V.

March 29th : Dominik S. (Germany) “Keep it up!!!”

April 1st : Gabriel Nectoux

April 10th : Adrien M.