Thanks for 2016

Thank you streams psytrance and ambient since 2001.

We are one of the “few” legal station because we’ve signed a streaming licence with SACEM.

We’ve decided to stream without commercial ads and to rely on your generosity.

On Jan. 2017, we will be able to pay the streaming licence for the year.

We use 100% of your donations and 100% of the website ads for the SACEM .

Contribute to your #webradio

You are

Beside the crew of volunteers who manages the station, 59 donors have supported the webradio in 2016.

On behalf of our community of listeners, thank you!

Owen has donated again and he’s the 3rd BTC donor. Thank you very much for your support year after year. You’re Psychedelik.

Hello Laszlo from Budapest (Hungary) for your donation. It will help a lot. Thanks for your message “Thanks for the awesome music!”

Merci Baptiste de Villejuif (France) pour ton soutien et tes messages sur notre mur Facebook 😉

Grazie Marco from Preganziol (Italy). “Keep it up!!! Marco & Stefy”.

We welcome Allen from Zionsville (USA) as a donor. Thanks!

Thanks Nick (the UK)for your support.

Merci Hadrien aka PsyDK (France), un grand pote de l’équipe qui donne aussi toujours de son temps pour régler nos problèmes de code

Thank you Dave from St-Jerome (Canada).

Danke Florian from Würzburg (Germany).

Anton from Quebec (Canada) has also donated to keep the streams online.

Neil from Chicago (USA) helped to keep live & kicking in 2017.

Thanks to Baptiste from Cormontreuil (France) for his support.

We received a 2nd bitcoin donation from an anonymous friend.

Rein-Out from the Netherlands has made the 1st BTC donation. Thanks 🙂

Thanks to Gautier de Montpellier (France) & Lukas from Seon (Switzerland).

More help came with Hasan (Sweden) & Vincent (Switzerland).

Stefan from Sandhausen (Germany) supported the station for 2017.

Sandro from Zürich (Switzerland) sent us his donation and a message. “Keep up the good work – maybe with some more Elektronika-Mixes ? Thanks!”

Grazie Francesco from Majano (Italy).

Stepan (I hope I wrote it right because it was in cyrillic) from Tomsk (Russia) helps us to stay online next year “Thanks for good music!”. Cpassiba!

Christine from Plymouth (United Kingdom) also supports 😉

Thank you Oleg from Needham (USA) for your contribution.

Martin from Bonn (Germany) has started the donations for 2017. “Keep the spirit” 🙂 Danke.

6 october 2016 : Stefan (Attendorn – Germany)

17 September 2016 : Roel (Amsterdam, The Netherlands)

25 August 2016 : Tommy (Texas, USA)

21 August 2016 : Frederick (Austin, USA)

20 July 2016 : Dominic (Berlin, Germany)

“Thanks for your radio broadcast! I enjoy it every day. Keep it up! Kind regards”

11 July 2016 : Gaetan (Besançon, France)

26 June 2016 : Ralph (The Netherlands)

20 June 2016 : Soren (Copenhagen, Denmark)

17 June 2016 : NextStep Biomakers (Madison USA)

16 June 2016 : Thomas (France)

12 June 2016 : Tim (London UK)

9 June 2016 : George (Israel)

2 June 2016 : David (Germany)

29 May 2016 : Chris (Australia)

21 May 2016 : Marina (United Kingdom)

9 May 2016 : Esop (United Kingdom)

28 April 2016 : Karel (Belgium)

19 April 2016 : Michael (Germany)

9 April 2016 : Marc (Germany)

26 March 2016 : SD (United Kingdom)

17 March 2016 : Ronan (France)

17 March 2016 : Select (Australia)

16 March 2016 : Benjamin (USA)

16 March 2016 : Marcus (Germany)

16 Feb. 2016 : Anton (Quebec)

09 Feb. 2016: Olivier T. (France)

27 Jan. 2016 : Andres (Cali – Colombia)

“Hi guys, I hope this help to keep this amazing radio station online. Greetings from Cali, Colombia.”

22 Jan. 2016 : Marco S. (Grenoble – France)

10 Jan. 2016 : Laszlo H.

“Thanks for the awesome music, please stay alive! Laszlo from Hungary”

07 Jan 2016 : Andreas B. (Stockholm – Sweden)

06 Jan 2016 : Devin B.

“I am supporting you again in 2016. I did not see my name listed in your donors list for 2015 though. oh well. 🙁 Love, Devin Chicago, IL USA”

06 Jan 2016 : Dan B.

“Hello friends. Love the tunes! I dont want to wake up to find you offline one day. Hope this helps!”

06 Jan 2016 : Cristian P.

04 Jan 2016 : Capital City Home Theater