Thanks for 2014

The crew of thanks the donors who helped us in 2014.

You were 59 donors in 2014. You know why you donate. We know that in our world, it’s easier to pay for a service than to donate for a free service. But you were there 🙂 and it was a great help.

Who are we? is maintained by a crew of 8 volunteers.

Psylvain takes care of the streaming servers with the help of Will, and he manages the Progressive channel.

Feuch is the graphist and he needs help in 2015!

Yuman is still taking care of the Ambient channel, Select does the same with the Drum N Bass channel and Dean-o-Matic has his monthly Psylon Psynapse.

Fabien joined the crew as community manager. He comes from the French Touch techno side of EDM. He’s doing well on the social networks.

Bertrand manages the web and the station in general. Do I need help? 😀

What happened in 2014?

In February 2014, we re-opened the shop.

In August 2014, we had some problems with the streaming server. It took time to move them to a new datacenter, we had to change the IPs adress. It was a pain in the ass for 2 months.

On September 1st, 2014, as promise, we opened the new website that works on mobile and desktop and the streaming servers were finally moved at the end of the month.

In November 2014, I started to work on an APP for your smartphones and tablets. I promised to release it on March 1st, 2015.

In December 2014, the website, shop and blog were merged to the same server.

Every month, we’ve organized streaming sessions.

What are our dreams for 2015?

It depends on you.

You stream because you love the music… and probably because it’s free.

We’ve decided to get an official streaming licence. It is a cost for an independent webradio.

The music is streamed on a dedicated server and the website is hosted on a hosting server. These are also a cost.

What can you do?

You can support by 2 ways.

You like what we do and you just want to give away?

Donate to keep it free 🙂

You like what we do and you want more than streaming?

Order at the shop 🙂

What will we do with your money in 2015?

Pay our costs.

Keep the spirit.

Stay connected!

Donor’s list of 2014

– Juergen (January 2014)
– Gabriel from France (January 2014)
– Kerkko from Finland (January 2014)
– Jacob from the USA (February 2014)
– Jelle from the NL (February 2014)
– Benjamin G. from San Franciso (Feb 2014)
– Jean L. from Brussels (March 2014)
– Fadri P. (March 2014)
– Lajos from London (April 2014)
– Devin from the USA (April 2014)
– Alexander from Kazakhstan (May 2014)
– Antonio from Italy (May 2014)
– Andreas from Greece (May 2014)
– Zuzu’s Treasures from USA (May 2014)
– Rainer from Germany (May 2014)
– Roy from the USA (May 2014)
– Roy from the USA (June 2014)
– Rico from Germany (June 2014)
– Yuriy from Ukraina (June 2014)
– Davide from Italy (June 2014)
– MC Merchants from the USA (June 2014)
– Olivier from BZH (June 2014)
– Laszlo from Hungary (July 2014)
– Denis from Israel (July 2014)
– Adam from the UK (July 2014)
– Wojciech from the UK (July 2014)
– Tomasz from Poland (July 2014)
– Benjamin from the USA (july 2014)
– Francesco P. (July 2014)
– Jarno P. from the NL (july 2014)
– John H. from Australia (july 2014)
– Laura T. from the USA (Aug 2014)
– Dusan O. from Serbia (Aug 2014)
– Michael A. from the USA (Aug 2014)
– Marco F. from the NL (Aug 2014)
– SpeKter Studios from the USA (Aug 2014)
– Dann J. from the USA (Aug 2014)
– Simon O. from the UK (Aug 2014)
– Filip M. from Germany (Aug 2014)
– Mikhael V. from Russia (Aug 2014)
– UV Design (Sept 2014)
– Dave A. (Sept 2014)
– Devin B. (Sept 2014)
– Marco S. from France (Sept 2014)
– Nathan A. from New Zealand (Sept 2014)
– Max L. from the USA (Sept 2014)
– Sergey B. (Sept 2014)
– Frank K. (Sept 2014)
– Robert B. from the USA (Sept 2014)
– Rainer N. (Sept 2014)
– Florian W. (Sept 2014)
– Alexander U. (Sept 2014)
– Nathan A from New Zealand (Oct 2014)
– Remko H. (Oct 2014)
– Pierric P. (Oct 2014)
– Rozis NL (Oct 2014)
– Nathan A. (Nov 2014)
– Ingemar L. (Dec 2014)
– Olivier T. (Dec 2014)

The anonymous of 2014

We don’t know who you are 🙂

But you have visited

the website

the blog

We thank you too for being there and for sharing with your friends.

.:. Love .:.