Frequently Asked Questions about Psychedelik.com

Psychedelik.com is a webradio made with pure psytrance music.

High quality streaming 192kbps MP3 for all players on Psychedelik.com.

Medium quality streaming 128kbps MP3 for external players and third party applications.

Our players

All you need to stream Psychedelik.com is a good browser, that means one of the latest release!

Our players have been tested on Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari and the native browser of Android.

External players

Your choice is to use an external player such as :

– Winamp


– iTunes

or others

We will provide a list of links that you can use in your favorite players.

We assume that you know how to use them so we won’t provide support.

It was a great experience to find the best solution for our players (I spent hours on documentation, testing, forums, etc…) and we think it’s the best streaming experience when we release them on September 1st, 2014.

We will follow your feedbacks and will upgrade our players with new features based on your needs.

Full support will be provided.


Psychedelik.com provides a web APP with its mobile website.

This APP is based on web technologies, it’s responsive, developped for mobile-first and ready for touch-devices.

One of our next projects is the release of a native application for Android, iOS and Windows.

It takes time and money.

The achievement of this project is in your hands, donate!

Third party applications (web or native) take the benefit of our works. It’s a way to get new listeners, we’re aware of it but in the meantime, they take money out of our community.

Getting less revenues from advertisement means that we can’t pay for the costs of Psychedelik.com.

When you become a recurrent listener, ask yourself… “where my money should go? Corporate or Community?”

Do you need help?

Catch me if you can!

Instant chat in english/french on the left/bottom of any page. You can leave a message with your email. Support in less than 24 hours!

A contact form will be available in october 2014.

Something is missing?

Please add your comment to the page, we also answer within 24 hours.

“Can’t open ambient psychedelic chillout in my radio anymore – will it come back?”

PLS is a computer file format that stores multimedia playlists, originally used by SHOUTcast and Icecast for streaming media over the Internet.

The .pls files necessary for Psychedelik.com are located (for now) on the blog under “streams” in the menu.

“Can i upload my own tracks ?”

At this moment, we haven’t developped an automatic upload system but it’s a good idea.

Number 251 in the TODO list 🙂

We suggest that you use the services of WeTransfer. So far, it’s one of the best service to send a file. You can send up to 2 GB easily. For example, it’s used by the label Phoenix Groove Records for their promos.

You will need an email, mail@psychedelik.com is fine.

“Tracklist/ song history coming??”

The song history feature is now implemented on the stream’s pages of www.psychedelik.com.
Give it a try!

“Love your station! The music no longer plays in the background in safari on iOS. Any suggestions?”

A simple reboot of the device (here an iPhone) solved the problem.

If you use a mobile/tablet device and experience an issue, please reboot first.

Then, email us and we will try to help you the best we can.

“Why winamp is not playing?

Psychedelik.com may have to migrate from a streaming server to an other one.

Some websites or general Internet radio services may have forgotten to update the links to our servers.

On our website, you will always find the updated links and players.

Psychedelik.com hasn’t been able to stream on TuneIn Radio App on ios

TuneIn website and application are third-party services.

We don’t support them because they don’t support non-profit streamers.

We provide free streaming players on www.psychedelik.com (this is what we call web App) and links for external players on this blog.

Noone in the crew has the skills to write an “official” native application for Android and iOS.

We keep on working on the web App to make it more convenient to use, especially when you want to switch from one stream to an other.

Which player should I use for Psychedelik.com?

It will depend on your Operating System. That’s why we suggest to use our web App player that works on the major OS.. if your browser is recent.

For Windows, the original Winamp is still good for streaming .pls

For Apple, the iTunes software will stream our webradio.

For Android and iPhone, you will find third-party applications.

“Do I need a plugin to listen to the music?”

Obviously not, the web App player works on recent browsers.
External players also stream fine.

“How do I reset my password?”

This question was added on Nov.3.

Click on this link to reset your password.

If you forgot your username, please drop us an email.